Durability Enhancement for New and Deteriorating Infrastructure

Galvanic CP Remote Monitor


The Galvanic CP remote monitoring device is designed to provide remote monitoring and testing of galvanic anode installations. This battery powered unit is supplied as a standalone unit or mounted in an optional vandal resistant, weather-proof enclosure for easy installation.


  • Remotely Monitor Galvanic Anode Systems

  • No AC power required - Battery powered with up to 6 years life.

  • Secure and user friendly

  • Web access via normal web browser, no need for extra software or hardware

  • Monitor multiple units and sites from a single private web login

  • Remotely interrupt anode to cathode current, enabling performance verification testing as per the requirements of BS EN ISO 12696 Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete

  • Programmable monitoring intervals for the measurement of reference electrode potential and anode current

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igal pic 2.png


  • Monitor up to four anode currents

  • Monitor up to four reference electrode potentials

  • Remotely interrupt anode to cathode for testing

  • Monitor ON and IOFF reference electrode potential

  • Monitor reference electrode decay potentials

  • Battery operation for 3 to 6 years

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Remotely Monitor Your Galvanic Installations

The Galvanic CP Remote Monitor is designed to enable remote monitoring of galvanic anode installation without the need for AC power.  The remote monitoring facility enables daily function monitoring and monthly programmable performance monitoring, without the need to attend site.

Equipment is supplied with a 1 year Web portal licence and supporting SIM card, along with permanent 8GB on-site SD card providing direct manual access to monitoring data.


Remotely Monitor Your Galvanic Installations